What makes the Interactive Flash Drive™ unique?

The Interactive Flash Drive™ is unique because it combines an attention grabbing tangible item (the IFD itself) with specialized “App” software that delivers managed, measured, and targeted content to your audience. This ‘one-two’ punch differentiates our approach from print-only and digital-only methodologies such as catalogs and websites.

Consumer psychology research studies performed, in part by the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University, have demonstrated that tangible marketing materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain than ‘virtual materials’ alone. Furthermore, tangible marketing materials involve higher levels of emotional processing and elicit more responses associated with internal feelings. The research suggests that putting something tangible in a subject’s hand is far more meaningful than digital images passing in front of one’s eyes.

Meanwhile, engaging digital tools and targeted applications have proven to be effective in capturing audience attention and driving engagement in their own right. Look no further than the incredible ‘App Revolution’ that started in the mobile space. The take away is a clearly demonstrated consumer preference for specialized and targeted digital experiences. Simply contrast the elegance of a special-purpose “App” experience with what most general-purpose websites can achieve and the difference is striking.

But why not have it all? Why not leverage the best of both worlds when it comes to delivering your important message to your cherished customers?

With the Interactive Flash Drive™ you can! By combining impactful, tangible deliverables along with the specialized experience of an “App” an IFD fosters more meaningful and longer lasting connections between your organization and your target audience. Even more striking, in many cases, this approach saves money when compared to traditional print. Of course, providing real-time engagement data along with total content flexibility also satisfies the demands of today’s ROI focused world.

Contact Gigmark to schedule a demonstration of the Interactive Flash Drive™ and learn more about how it can help your organization achieve more. A lot more!