What is an Interactive Flash Drive™?

The “IFD” consists of three primary elements that help you reach and engage your target audiences like never before:

  • Branded Physical Media – Using only the highest quality components built to custom specifications, this is the tangible layer of the platform that contains the USB storage device in branded packaging. This important part of the platform is akin to a firm handshake between your brand and your customers. Your Interactive Flash Drive™, designed and built to your specifications, grabs the attention of your audience with a meaningful first impression.

  • Branded Interactive Software – Custom designed to reflect your brand and your objectives, the software interface embedded on the IFD takes your customer interaction to the next level. The intuitive interface design organizes your content so delivering your brand, concepts, and features has both immediate and long-lasting impact. Unlike a website, your custom software and hence your content and marketing message is always available. Anytime your customer is looking for you, your IFD is ready to engage and deliver.

  • Content Management System and User Analytics – This is where the Interactive Flash Drive™ truly gets its most important attribute, your unique voice. With the power to update and edit your message while simultaneously listening to customers, the IFD always reflects the best of what your organization stands for. Of course, keeping the conversation going is a snap with our intuitive web-based interface and nearly limitless ability to integrate with existing data feeds and content databases.

These three important elements of the IFD platform all work together and give you the advantage you need to break through the barrage of marketing messages your customers receive daily.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of our Interactive Flash Drive™ platform and learn more about how it can help you achieve your marketing goals.


  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • Desktop Notification
  • One Time Registration
  • Seamless Integration
  • User-Level Analytics
  • Powerful Content Management
  • Target Marketing
  • Activate / Deactivate
  • Available Offline
  • Tangible Deliverable
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