Philips Gardco Lighting

Interactive Flash Drive™

Philips Gardco Lighting was looking for an alternative to printed binders and catalogs to deliver their latest product brochures and technical specifications to a discerning audience of architects and engineers.

By using the Gigmark IFD platform, Philips Gardco has already saved millions of dollars in print, re-print, and shipping costs over a three-year deployment of our solution versus their prior catalog method. The Gardco IFD provides a simple and efficient way for Gardco to distribute their latest product information to customers while making their information readily available at all times even if the Internet is not. Saving time, money, and trees feels pretty good!

Philips Gardco selected a practical embodiment for their IFD catalog replacement project. Their IFD is packaged in a translucent plastic box and has the Philips Gardco logo printed on the IFD body. This elegant approach has been reliable and enormously efficient, just like their world-class lighting fixtures!